What is a flexible office lease?

Among the myriad of operational procedures and strategies we as business owners must think about, one could now possibly be emerging as the most fundamental: agility.


We obviously want to be agile in everything we do – from product development, client service and marketing, to staffing and resource usage and development.

Now, though, as the working world moves into a new aeon of day-to-day procedure, we need to embrace agility in office space procurement and usage. And we need to make sure this agility in how we approach the concept of office space is baked into what we’ve established as our business ethos and general strategy.

But how do we do that? How does a business embrace operational agility? Well, it may just be in flexibility – more to the point, flexibility in office usage and the leasing thereof.

Flexible leases

So, yes, the world has changed as we know it.

Our livelihoods – how we make a living – have largely changed to a point where the day-to-day processes are shifting toward an entirely progressive way, because the concept of an office is altogether becoming one that’s harder and harder to define.

The new way, in all its glory – blurred lines and all – is the work-from-home way, and even though not an idea that’s entirely new, this way may be the way of the future.

We’ve discovered, though, that as the pandemic continues to be an entity now constantly present in our new way of thinking, and as we’ve become better at keeping distances and donning masks, we also now see that the old notion of the ‘office’ can’t yet quite entirely go away.

That’s why business has shifted again. Shifted to become a hybrid – a conglomeration of both remote working and flexible working.

We are now obviously fully versed on the former, but what of the latter?

Flexible office space, or the flexible lease, is now the main directive, allowing for businesses to establish brick and mortar spaces. The only difference being full flexibility in how a business would want to use a space, what it would want to use in that space, and for a period of time only stipulated to a length that that business would require.

These shared office spaces come in forms like:

Virtual – so, remote but fully equipped with collaborative and connectivity capabilities.

Private – where smaller spaces are established for smaller teams that must come together and collaborate in person, while following the health and safety protocols of today.

Shared – where businesses from all ilk and sector may use spaces together, creating a melting pot of interaction, collaboration, inspiration and camaraderie. And again, all with the protocols of safe office working and social distancing as the order of the day.

So, what is the allure of flexible office space for rent

 The allure is in that flexibility and agility mentioned earlier.

The new world order is to be remote – but the world requirement stays the same: at some point along the line, we may not be able to be fully remote. At some point, we may need to collaborate and build relationships.

The flexible lease allows businesses the best of both worlds.

They no longer need to be tied to long, unreasonable lease periods. They no longer need to pinch pennies on spaces they may only occupy half of. They no longer need to allocate up to 40% – give or take – of their bottomline to a brick and mortar ball and chain.

And most importantly, as the world becomes more remote in our always-on, highly connected state, businesses can offer their most important asset – their people – a slice of that flexibility. Businesses can offer their people collaboration and human connection, and with the guarantee to honour health and safety, infrastructure and comfort, as employees build networks and maintain vital relationships that, at the end of the day, make sure those businesses have a chance of staying in the black.

A flexible office lease will allow you to pay for the office space you use, and, should you project growth, allow you to be fully scalable. FutureSpace has a suite of flexible lease options for you to consider as you endeavour to give your people a safe, collaborative space in which to do what they do best.

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