Main reasons why the office really still matters

After working from home and collaborating at a distance, the importance of the workplace and all that it offers has become clear: An office is more than just a place to work and while some people have adapted to working from home (WFH), many people miss the office, perhaps even surprising themselves. The workplace drives innovation and growth and fosters [...]

The evolution of office space in an uncertain era

Rainmaker Marketing, a KZN-based property marketing agency, recently hosted their seventh property-related webinar. Their series of webinars have covered a broad range of interesting, thought-provoking topics during national lockdown.   Stefan Botha, Director of Rainmaker Marketing, and facilitator of the webinars says that the future of office space post-Covid-19 has been a topic on everyone’s lips. “We really wanted to [...]

Why we really need to get back to working in the office

After nearly two months of remote working, South Africans are ready to get back to working in the office as the initial novelty of remote working has revealed unexpected difficulties, detracting from people doing their jobs properly.   The reality of working from home was certainly different from expectations now that we are well into what is a giant social [...]

What corporate offices can learn from proworking spaces 

'Proworking', Coworking Entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, gig-economy workers and even large corporates used to term everything. From coffee shops to kitchens to airports and offices as well.   But today, they have a new option to add to the list: coworking spaces or 'proworking' spaces. This is how most premium shared workspaces have come to be known.  “And there are a [...]

Co-working impacts innovation: small businesses

CO-WORKING IMPACTS INNOVATION: SMALL BUSINESSES   For those who choose to co-work when running a remote team of growing startups, small businesses and large corporations offering flexibility and autonomy, the spectacular growth of the co-working market seems to know no bounds.   Linda Trim, Director at FutureSpace, a high-end workspace joint venture between Investec Property and workplace specialist Giant Leap, said that [...]

‘Rows of bros’ co-working is already being disrupted – here’s how

‘Rows of bros’ co-working is already being disrupted - here’s how   The global co-working trend of the past few years which disrupted the traditional office space is itself already being disrupted by the growing demand for a shared workspace that is more like a luxury five-star hotel.   Linda Trim, Director at FutureSpace, a high-end work, shared workspace joint venture between Investec Property and [...]

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