For many of us, the very idea of office space for rent may now be something entirely different from what it was a mere year ago – given our ‘new normal’ and the work-from-home nature of business in its current state.

No longer do most businesses seek a ‘home’ in which to plant roots, and establish an HQ. The remote directive has been largely embraced, and so an ‘office space to rent’ is now something that may be needed on a more temporary basis.

So yes, remote working is the order of the day, but there is also an even newer iteration of how businesses are utilising the opportunity to rid themselves of being shackled to leases and expensive monthly rents – the remote office hybrid. This is the new identity of the office space for rent concept. It’s unfettered remote work amalgamated with office space available for occupation on a need-to-need basis.

FutureSpace is pioneering this new working protocol. They’re offering a range of office space options – each fully customisable to your business’s specific requirements.

Their suite of office space options includes:

  • Lounge working
  • Co-working spaces
  • Private and shared spaces
  • Executive office spaces
  • Bespoke office space for rent options
  • Meeting spaces to suit a variety of functions


How much office space is needed per employee?

The requirement for the amount of office space needed varies, but it is nonetheless still a vital feature to any office situation – be it as a home office or as office space you’ve allocated for your organisation.

The exact calculation of office space per employee can get technical. The gist, however – as a guideline – can be followed as such:

  • In an open plan workstation: 60 – 110 square feet per employee
  • Individual offices: 150 – 250 square feet per employee
  • Conferences and meeting rooms: a minimum of 50 square feet per employee, plus 25 square feet per person, seated

How much office space do I need?

The amount of office space you need is usually entirely dependent on your business size. However, now with most companies embracing remote working, you may only need very limited office space – if only to give your people the option of a space in which to work and collaborate, or to accommodate those in your ranks with connectivity issues.

FutureSpace has a suite of office space options from which to choose, to suit your exact specifications, fully customisable to the exact amount of space you may require (scalable up and down if need be), and for only the duration you need occupancy.

What’s more, FutureSpace has office space to rent in only the most exclusive of locations and in all relevant business hubs.

Click here to find out more, and contact FutureSpace today.

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