The bustling world of commerce never sleeps- and you’re trying to stay strong on the productivity front without cramping your year-end vibes. FutureSpace is here with all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to keep your workload balanced and your work ethic strong this holiday season.

1.  Stay on track with daily goals

If you’re a thriving solopreneur, there’s probably not too much difference in your physical working space at this time of year. But if you’re used to working in a team- or even if you’re using FutureSpace’s stunning collaborative office opportunities to help keep you active in the working community- you’re probably starting to notice some gaps at the desks around you. It’s important you don’t let the sense of solitude or ‘something better happening outside’ swamp your workload and sap your spirit. While it feels like an ‘old’ tip by now, by far the best strategy you can adopt is making yourself a cohesive, flowing set of daily work goals to help you stay motivated and on track.

2. Schedule some break-time too

With that said, it’s important you don’t burn out trying to be all-work, all-the-time, especially at this time of year. Add a couple of coffee breaks and de-stressing intervals to the daily plan too. Even if it’s only a 10-minute pause to stretch your legs around the building, taking a few moments to connect with the people around you [including your friendly Sandton coffee vendor or favourite lunch spot] and reset your mind will keep your work flowing easily and your spirits high. Consider seeing who else is still working through the festive season, and schedule your lunch breaks together for some mutual support. Can you say impromptu brainstorming to get you over your hump, too?

3. Balance clarity and festive cheer

There’s nothing wrong with bringing a little holiday boost to your workspace decor, but keep it under control. A few festive ornaments can help you feel the spirit of the season and keep your own spirits high, but don’t let it become clutter swapping your desk and throwing out your productivity. If all else fails, take 5 minutes to put some things away and clean up your workspace- you’ll find it will help refocus your mind on your work too.

4. Laser focus on deadlines

Chances are your regular deadlines are a little disrupted with festive season interruptions, so make sure you keep them in laser focus- use a scheduling app or desktop calendar to keep them firmly front and centre of your mind. If your concentration is wandering at this time of year, it may also be time to get very strict on time-wasters like YouTube, social networking and even your emails. Grab an empty conference room to work in quiet if you need to.

5. Organise your priorities

Having given that stern warning about deadlines, it’s also a good time of year to remember that not everything is equally time critical right now. Chances are many people on your collaborative projects are taking time off and some of your vendors or suppliers are entering shut-down periods. Prioritise what needs to happen first, and resist the urge to make everything in your to-do list of the same importance.

6. Take care of yourself too

The holiday season is a time for over-indulgence and crunched deadlines making extra stress, so your self-care is going to need to be on point too. Whether that’s squeezing in a gym session on your lunch break, or scheduling yourself a mental health ‘treat’ to help keep you working hard, it’s important to take some time away from the ‘rat race’ to ensure your body and mind are functioning at peak levels. Make sure you are keeping a proper sleep schedule-and while a few late mornings are ok, don’t let sleeping in late throw your entire schedule off or you will not be able to easily get back on track in January. While you are at it, schedule a little ‘quiet time’ for yourself to get stuff done.

How are you measuring up against our list so far? FutureSpace wishes you and yours the very best through the holiday season. With these tips keeping you working efficiently, you’re sure to hit the ground running in January with empty to-do lists, putting you far ahead of the pack.