Why the Workplace is Shrinking?

We find ourselves in a time where a fast pace life and an even faster changing world is our new norm. Change is a constant, yet it seems now it is being accelerated, especially in the workplace. With the current advances in technology and our rapidly changing lives, employees now have a wider choice when it comes to where and how they conduct their tasks. Most jobs nowadays can be conducted from any place and any space.

The workplace is shrinking, and large offices are quickly becoming a thing of the past. This can be highly beneficial to companies who need to downscale or cut back on costs. Small office space and remote working reduces the running cost of a business drastically. As the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing people to work from home, many business owners have concluded that operations can be conducted effectively from a much smaller space as well as remotely.

Why is the workplace shrinking?

Company culture is specific to each business and varies across all industries. As companies grow, they change and must look at the expectations and needs of their workforce. A younger generational workforce will also bring in new preferences and those now seem to be geared toward flexibility and mobility. Technology has bridged so many gaps allowing off-site workers to do their jobs efficiently.

As businesses realize they can generate the same amount of productivity from workers being mobile, the penny drops about the need for small office space. Bigger offices are no longer necessary, office downgrading greatly reduces monthly costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further pushed the limits of traditional business practices by keeping employees in their homes. This has been a great learning curve for companies as they have come to realize that productivity levels are up, and the running costs of the workplace are down.

What are the benefits of a smaller workplace?

Office downscaling will improve more than just your monthly expenses. A small office space can improve teamwork within your workforce and encourage better and closer working relationships, with fewer distractions. Technology is now more streamlined and smaller, so a workstation does not need to accommodate bulky computers and screens anymore. 

As the Corona Virus leaves its mark, it is recommended that fewer people go into the office environment and a small office space ensures that fewer people are exposed to the virus. This concept of social distancing also applies to other contagious illnesses and conditions.

Environmental imprint and expenses will drastically reduce when moving to a smaller office space and include rental price, utilities, cleaning, insurance, and refreshments supplied to your staff.

What is office downscaling?

Downscaling your office is the choice to move to a smaller office space than what you currently have. The reasons can be varied and are often due to the need to reduce running costs, the advancing changes in technology and generational workforce preferences. If your company can run effectively in a smaller space, consider making the move.

Is part time office space a good idea?

Business owners often enter long term leases of commercial property as this is standard practice. The lease is a binding contract and can cause immense amounts of stress during times when productivity and income is low. Having to honour a lease and face potential penalties if early termination is required is becoming an outdated concept. Companies are now moving and changing so rapidly, that a part time office solution is the most logical plan to follow. Shared office spaces and part time rentals ease the minds of those in charge of company finances.

As the world changes rapidly around us your business needs to follow suit. The traditionally large office is changing as technology, generational preference and mobile workers are on the rise. Cut your costs today with FutureSpace, a bespoke work environment that is adjusted according to your needs. 

Create a space that is unique to your needs at FutureSpace and move into the new way of conducting business. No long-term contracts and leases, as well as reduction in your operating costs will bring relief and focus to your company. Sit back and enjoy your new space. Your FutureSpace.

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