Agile workspaces represent the key to a modern business environment. It’s about taking the concept of work away from a ‘place you have to be’, and re-framing it as an activity that benefits both staff and the business, creating adaptable, flexible work environments that boost the bottom line while giving staff a more positive working environment. Shared working spaces, and co-working in general, create the perfect environment to help you deliver this, and today FutureSpace looks at how.

How does agile working benefit my business?

It’s no surprise that the modern workforce appreciates a flexible corporate environment- but how can that same flexibility benefit your bottom line too? Surprisingly, it does…considerably. Putting your people and their working needs first, in turn, develops an environment where talent acquisition and retention is more guaranteed, improves the working relationships between your staff as well as their client interactions, keeps overhead costs low and productivity high, and much more. The focus falls away from where your staff are working and puts it back where it should be- on the performance and quality of that work.

Where do serviced offices and co-working fit into this model?

Hot desking and remote working are both big facets of the agile work environment. So is the creation of dedicated concept-spaces, like brainstorming rooms, and optimizing available space away from the idea of one worker, one desk to a shared working concept.

The serviced, shared and co-working office fits into this model perfectly. Your hard earned money is going towards fully furnished and equipped spaces you can use on a pay-as-you-need structure, packed with the latest innovative design features and backed by the technology to help keep you on track every day. Scaling upward as you grow becomes a simple matter. The shared environment of a co-working space encourages collaboration and innovation- even for solopreneurs who otherwise wouldn’t have the support network of colleagues to bounce ideas off of. Small business can thrive in a space that fosters intellectual capital, while larger enterprises can ditch the pain of maintaining buildings with large overhead costs in favour of versatile, adaptable spaces that are only paid for if used. The building itself is already set up with collaborative spaces, formal and informal meeting rooms, private and public spaces, break rooms and other necessary facilities. In other words, the ideal space for agile, productive working is just waiting for you to move in.

Agile workspaces are about transitioning to a shared-use space workers use as they need, and in the manner they need, depending on their duties of the day- away from the traditional mindset that each worker has a set space to occupy 9-5 regardless of what their tasks for the day actually are. Nowhere is this more easily achieved, at less cost to your company, then in a serviced office environment.

Keen to experience the benefits of an agile work environment that’s fully customisable to your needs at the moment? Then it’s time to get in contact with FutureSpace today.