While working remotely sounds like the perfect business and life balance, we often find it’s the exact opposite- a stressful situation made worse by procrastination and distraction. Here’s FutureSpace’s guide to making the most out of a remote-working scenario, keeping your productivity and motivation high.

Have an office

It’s all too tempting to chill on the sofa in pjs when working remotely, with the distractions of a packed kitchen and an enticing television calling to you. You’re not going to be motivated if you’re trying to combine favourite activities with your work. Rather spend a little time to set up a dedicated office space, even if it’s just a desk in your living room, and customise it to make work simple. Now eliminate your common distractions, including social media. It’s important to set guidelines with family too- no wandering in and out and calling you for every simple task when you’re at work. Amp up the effect by getting dressed for work, even if you don’t anticipate seeing anyone that day.

Don’t start late

It’s best to stick with doing office work during office hours. No one likes getting up for a long commute, true, but it’s far easier to be at your desk by 8 when it only involves walking two rooms! If you’re finding motivation difficult, get back on a strict schedule and get things done early in the day. Not only are morning people generally more productive, but you’ll benefit from the set routine too. It also helps to be on a similar schedule to workmates and other people you may need to call on for assistance. Flying by the seat of your pants does no one any good and leaves you more stressed, not less.

Get a little help

There’s a vast range of productivity software and apps out there just waiting to help you stay in line. From calendars and to-do lists right through to daily schedulers, find one that works for you and let it take the burden of remembering nitty-gritty details so you don’t have to.

If you’re getting bored of sitting at home and find you still lack motivation, change up your scenery a little- either by working at a restaurant for a while, or using a dedicated shared office like FutureSpace to help you get a taste for a corporate feel once again.