“Give me what I want or I’ll sue you!”. These are words no business wants to hear- the looming threat of legal action and a painful court process. There’s no need for client or staff disputes to immediately jump to direct legal intervention, however. Arbitration is a field that can have a considerable impact on both parties in any dispute- and with FutureSpace’s state of the art Arbitration Centre now open in the heart of the Sandton CBD, the perfect foundation is laid to help you peacefully resolve potential conflicts within the workspace without court involvement.

Why would I need arbitration, anyway?

Arbitration is part of what’s known as alternative dispute resolution. Instead of taking an issue directly to the law courts, all involved parties instead refer the facts of their matter to an independently appointed ‘arbitrator’, or a panel of the same, who hears the facts of the matter and facilitates making a decision [‘award’] in the matter, which is legally binding for both sides, and further enforceable under law should that step be required.

What are the advantages of arbitration?

Arbitration is a far speedier process then applying to the courts, and the proceeding and its results are not open to the public as per the courts, meaning the matter can be kept much more confidential. Under law, there is very limited space to appeal an arbitral award too, so you have the peace of mind of knowing the matter of the dispute [and associated liability] is limited.

Additionally, the arbitrators are selected between the parties involved in the dispute, making sure the process is fair throughout. It’s a convenient private mechanism to allow disputes to be resolved in a neutral, confidential environment, while still receiving a court-enforceable resolution. Not only does this carry a cost advantage, but proceedings can be fast and smooth- two words not typically associated with the courts.

Why use FutureSpace’s Sandton-based Arbitration Centre?

The key to a smooth arbitration process is finding a way to get all parties involved into a space in a calm, collected manner that’s focused on the facts. Nowhere is better for this then a neutral space unrelated to any of the parties-yet there is a certain decorum to be maintained throughout the process too. This is not a process you can appropriately conclude in a convenient cafe. Our top-notch business-focused facilities are conveniently situated in the heart of the Sandton business district, with easy access to local transit points and amenities. With reception and concierge services at your disposal and immaculate technological infrastructure, you have easy access to all possible facilities you could need to make the process as smooth as possible with as little hassle to the involved parties as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact FutureSpace today should you have any further questions about the Arbitration Centre or other services we offer.