Will working in a collaborative space boost your work creativity?

No matter what industry you work in, you’ll know that one of the biggest daily challenges can be managing the ebb and flow of your own creativity. Without that creative flow, the ‘spark’ never happens, and your work is slow, lacklustre and boring. When you are a solopreneur, or running a small firm, this doldrums effect can be even harder to combat. FutureSpace may have the perfect solution for you. Collaborative working spaces, such as those found in our luxury suites in the Sandton CBD, are almost certain to boost your creativity in the working environment… and here’s how.

Stop, collaborate and listen

Brainstorming is a key part of many people’s creative processes. Simply tossing around ideas, working out their kinks, and getting a workable solution underway can be magic to the mind. The input others provide can be a critical part of this, even if it’s just as someone to bounce ideas off of- and that listening ear can be sorely lacking when you work for yourself. It’s also easy for the doldrums to catch up with you when all you have to listen to is your inner voice.

Collaborative office spaces allow you to keep flying solo- but give you the benefit of other entrepreneurs around you. A quick chat in the break room over coffee or a brainstorming session in the foyer could be all that’s needed to prime the creative pump back to full flow.

Optimised scenery

It’s no surprise that staring at the same-old, same-old every day can quickly drain your creative outlook on life. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective, and that’s difficult to get working in a cramped home-office or starter-office space.

Being able to move from a quiet working space to a shared space packed with life could be all you need to get the inspirational juices flowing again. Or perhaps a quick walk outside, with the hustle-and-bustle of daily life around you is what’s needed. Regardless, a shared office space may be just what the doctor ordered, allowing you to adapt your environment to your creative needs no matter what.

Stay accountable

Of course, a true creative flow isn’t just about great ideas- it’s about seeing those ideas to fruition. When it’s only you and your cat every day, it’s easy to allow projects and deadlines to slip. Working in a collaborative office space brings some of your accountability back, as your fellow workers check in with you day on day.

Someone to lean on

No person is an island- and no entrepreneur is, either. Whether you need someone to run up a logo to match your scintillating web design, or you need contacts to organise that special day for your client, it’s all in who you know as well as what you know.  Likewise, there’s a ton of tech and infrastructure you may need only once- but when you need it, man do you need it.

Collaborative office spaces offer the perfect chance for you to expand your portfolio and make those precious contacts. They also provide perfectly optimised spaces, fully equipped with all the infrastructure you need to be sure your creative dreams come to fruition without added frustration. Best of all, you can alter your month-to-month contracts to suit what you need at the time- no need to overpay for infrastructure you barely use!

Creative surroundings

No one does their best work in a drab, dull, space- why would you? Yet for many solopreneurs, the reality is that you’re stuffed into a dingy home office, perched at the end of the kitchen table among the remains of breakfast. This isn’t a space that fosters creativity and expression. On the other hand, interesting colours, intriguing textures and architecture can all help rev up a flagging creative drive. Natural light, too, can have a profound effect on the brain and its creative urges.

Find yourself a collaborative space that’s pleasing to the eye (and brain) and you could well reap the rewards of a renewed, revived attitude to life and work.

Keeping flagging creativity buoyant and flowing is a key part of making your business a success. A collaborative office space that you can adjust to your needs can be a stalwart supporter in nurturing that same creativity.

Keen to learn more about collaborative offices? Why not get in touch with the FutureSpace team today, and take the first steps to reinventing your business?