There can be no surprise that we at Future Space believe that shared and collaborative office space is the true future of business in South Africa. The question is, are you also aware of the many benefits of coworking and shared office space? Today we’re going to look at the issue in a little more detail.

Pay for what you need, not what you have to

Coworking can provide you with one of the most cost effective ways to rent office space. It’s no secret that office space overheads often comprise the largest chunk of any budget- the only question is why? Shared office space offers you a cost effective, versatile solution to this common budgetary woe. Gone is the need to maintain leisure spaces, foyers, plumbing and more just so you can get a good day’s work in- your office manager will handle all of that while you pay only for what you need.

Your best investment is people

More and more modern companies are coming to realise that the most useful asset they have is their people [and their intellectual capital]. Solopreneurs and small companies may sometimes feel that lack of someone to bounce ideas off and offer a fresh perspective too. Shared office space offers you the perfect workaround, no matter how big or small you are. Your networking opportunities skyrocket, while collaboration is the name of the game.

Get flexible

Fixed rentals and lengthy contracts are a thing of the past. Coworking offers you the chance to pay by as little as per month, meaning you retain your ability to move and flow with your customers and needs. Likewise, you may well just need a desk today, but could be running the country’s best tech startup tomorrow- will your office space have the flexibility to change with you? Opt for shared office space and the answer is yes.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

We know you’re great at your job, but how are you at design, moving, cabling and IT infrastructure? Why not let someone else shoulder the burden and let you do what you do best? Your coworking space will come pre-furnished, with cables and infrastructure already in place, and all amenities ready for you to use. Hey, you can even move in on the day you sign the paperwork- no waiting for tenants to vacate or time off to design the space.

Shared office just makes sense, especially if you’re flying solo or a small and medium enterprise still in their growth phase. Let Future Space handle the nitty-gritty of keeping the rugs vacuumed, while you concentrate on what you do best.