We live in an era of booming startups, where every person’s ideal is to be their own boss, an entrepreneur or freelancer taking an active hand in their working future, so there can be little surprise that we’re seeing the future of the offices that serve them changing too. Serviced office space looks set to conquer the office space landscape in the near future- today,FutureSpaceⓇ looks at why this is.

Goodbye overheads

Of course, the old model saw these vibrant young business operating from homes and garages- but let’s be honest, this setting lacks a certain something. It’s hard to convince someone you’re their future while your washer-dryer combo cranks up the volume in the background! Yet a young, struggling business taking its first steps couldn’t exactly afford the weighty overheads of permanent office space.

Enter the serviced office. Suddenly classy, business-appropriate surroundings are open to everyone, without the need to take on the hefty finances of rental, acquiring infrastructure and more. High end, classy office space has become a ‘plug and play’ option!

Networking and socialisation

Another snag for a young or small company can be getting the inspiration, networking and ‘vibe’ of a larger space. Working by yourself, you can get sick of your own company! Not in a serviced office- other vibrant, hard-hitting and insightful companies and people are literally next door. It allows those flying solo to beat the loneliness, while everyone can cultivate valued networks of peers and experience the creative rush of collaboration.

No sweat

Until the advent of the serviced offices, having the mod-cons of a receptionist, office manager or cleaner meant paying their salary- and complying with all local labour legislation. The need to take on the challenges of the ‘human factor’ are gone with serviced office space.

Likewise, a serviced office space offers versatility and adaptability. Need a boardroom? Doing a presentation? Want an informal, sit down coffee? More space? Less space? There’s no lengthy remodel needed… your business can get what it needs, when it needs it, without the long term maintenance and sunk costs. As the world becomes more technical, and even the simplest of presentations takes on impressive audio-visual and technological requirements, this ability to have instant access to state-of-the-art infrastructure without having to burden yourself with the long term maintenance can be a true blessing.

Boosted motivation

Working in stylish, tailored surroundings, with everything you need on hand, helps boost mood and productivity. So does beating the solo vibe when you’re working alone. The simple ability to do what you need, when you need it, in the company of like-minded individuals, has a powerful motivational influence on your work day.

While initially aimed mainly at the ‘solopreneur’, is it any wonder that serviced office space is fast becoming the new generation solution to office needs for large and small businesses alike?

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