While the FutureSpace teams are firm that any ‘trendy’ office decor should be cohesively balanced with your brand’s unique personality and identity, there’s nothing like a new year to give you some inspiration to ring in the changes. Which of these super-trendy office trends will you be embracing in 2019?

Bring the outdoors inside

‘Natural’ has been a trend in office decor for a good few years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. No wonder, really, given that there is a ton of evidence pointing to lighter, brighter and pleasant spaces that embrace natural textures having surprising results on staff productivity and overall happiness. You don’t need to go crazy with this one to reap the benefits, either. Consider greening a few spaces with lush, vibrant indoor plants, incorporating some basic natural textures into your upholstery or wall decor, or evoking some of the same benefits through carefully considered art with natural themes. Natural materials bring a luxurious, vibrant feel into office decor that has long been stagnant and dull.

Comfort and durability

It’s always worth investing in ergonomic office setups. It’s now well proven that some basic investment in solid, quality workstations helps keep absenteeism from repetitive injuries and poor posture from impacting your company. The evolving commercial space is taking on a look and design that overlaps well with the hospitality industry, offering comfortable, welcoming, multi-purpose spaces that can easily adapt to your changing work needs. We are seeing that amp up in 2019 through the use of layering and rich textures to create a comfortable but formal working environment.

Repurposing is in

2019 will see the rise and rise of ‘repurposed’ trends- taking something old and breathing new life into it. This is a great way to stay trendy without a vast reinvestment in new fittings, too, so it’s a win-win. Taking the old and reworking it into something new and stylish could be the secret to a refreshed office design for you this year.

Colour trends for 2019

If you’re looking to add touches of 2019’s hottest office colours, then you’ll be thrilled to know that the rich rose gold of 2018 is still dominating 2019 trends. Cool, deep greens are also seeing a resurgence, tying in perfectly with natural trends. If you’re willing to get a little adventurous with pattern, we are seeing a return to mid-century ‘bold’ trends away from conservative stylings- although let’s be honest, a calm, cohesive neutral will always look classy. Tie the two together with a few accent walls using a textured wallpaper for some added luxury and sensorial stimulation without going overboard. Surprisingly, blue and darker colours reign supreme for functional areas like break rooms and kitchens, giving you a robust and sturdy decor choice that should last well for years to come.

Freshening your decor with an eye to current trends can be a great way to add some ‘oomph’ to your office space to celebrate the turn in the calendar. Still at a loss where to start? Why not shoot the development team at our sister company, Giant Leap, a mail and let them work their office rejuvenating magic on your behalf? As always, the FutureSpace team are ready and waiting to help you revolutionise the way you think about your office space- we’re waiting to hear from you!