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Is the work from home set up a long-term solution?

Up to now, some may say that the modern workforce, it seems, has been yelling into a void when it comes to imploring employees to embrace a completely remote working way.

The arrival of 2020, however, and the pandemic that came with it, thrust us all into that very situation – and in a way somewhat unceremonious.

But now it’s easy to see that this new way of working – the remote way – is indeed very possible, and indeed seamless in terms of work output, and largely, in terms of employee wellness.

But if you’re the boss, enjoying a business world where you don’t have to worry about establishing an office – or the overheads and leases that come with it – you may now find yourself with a staff contingent, although enjoying working from home, entirely unequipped for the most optimum ways of doing so.

FutureSpace, however, is here to help, with work from home office solutions such as work-from-home information, productivity guides, and tips for people working from home.

What is a home office?

Who could ever have thought we’d all be in a space where the definition of a home office would be something that would need to be thoroughly researched?

Here we are, though, and it’s not only the startups, the tech companies or the digital agencies that need this info – we’re all in this together.

So, what is a home office? Simply that – a space in which to conduct your working day-to-day, but remotely, from the comfort of your home.

It can’t, however, just be left at that – a laptop and a decent internet connection, although fundamentals to the work from a home office – aren’t the only tools to a remote working office space that’s comfortable, and that promotes the level of productivity akin with office working.

A range of factors contributes to happy work from home existence, like:

  • A dedicated space
  • Proper workstation height
  • A decent chair
  • Monitor height and optimum setup
  • Lighting

How to set up a home office?

FutureSpace has the right home office solutions for you – from advice on how to set up yours to a suite of connectivity and infrastructure offerings designed to help you and your staff craft the work from the home office that promotes productivity.

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