When does a virtual office make sense?

If you’ve heard about virtual office space but still need persuasion, here are the benefits of a virtual office, and how to employ this powerful growth strategy.


Not every entrepreneur needs a physical office location. In fact, there are many times when a virtual office setup makes more sense and will be more beneficial to the business owner.

How do Virtual Offices Work?

A virtual office is a service for small businesses and entrepreneurs that allows them to work remotely while giving them access to certain business essentials including a receptionist who can forward calls, and a professional business address.

As a business owner, you simply sign up for a virtual office and then receive the benefits of having a business address and phone number associated with your business.

When Does a Virtual Office Make Sense?

A virtual office is a great option for an entrepreneur who works from home but needs to maintain a professional image. This could be a business that’s just starting out or an established business where the owners don’t need physical office space. People who primarily meet with clients, like salespeople, may benefit from a virtual office, as they never actually need to be in an office of their own, but would like a permanent landline telephone number and physical address.

As the global trend of ‘digital nomads’ continues to grow, entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time traveling between countries could benefit from a virtual office setup. Business owners trying to move into new territories can also benefit from a virtual office, giving them a permanent address in a new city, without having to actually have a physical presence there.

Why Does a Virtual Office Make Sense?

A virtual office can help you by associating your business with a legitimate and professional address. This is helpful when signing contracts, applying for tenders, and filling in business applications – you want your business to be taken seriously, and there is a certain stigma attached to a business run out of someone’s garage. By ensuring you can offer a proper physical address in a well-respected business area, you elevate the image of your business.

A virtual office often includes a reception service, so you will receive a dedicated phone number. A telephone answering service ensures a professional first impression for people who call your business, and call forwarding ensures you get your business calls, no matter where you are.

Most virtual offices are housed within co-working spaces and serviced offices, so you will benefit from a range of additional business services. When signing up for a virtual office service, you may also have access to the meeting rooms and conference rooms of the serviced office space. This is a great solution for people who want need to meet important clients or potential customers, but don’t want to have to do it in a coffee shop or restaurant. Having access to professional meeting rooms will create the right impression and help give your business a professional edge.

A virtual office is also a good option for people expanding their business. You can set up a virtual office in other major towns and provinces to help you test the waters and maintain a local presence.

There’s no lease or long-term commitment to worry about. You can sign up for a virtual office for a short period of time and then choose to upgrade to serviced office space if you wish. Because most virtual office suppliers also offer co-working space and serviced office space, making the transition to a more permanent office is quick and easy.

What is Provided in a Virtual Office Offering?

A virtual office space includes a business address and a dedicated telephone number. The address can be used for making certain applications like loans and tenders and creates a professional impression for your business.

You’ll also receive a reception service with call answering and message forwarding. You can give customers your dedicated landline phone number and calls made to your business number can be routed to your cell phone.

If you need to meet with clients or suppliers, you will have access to meeting space and boardroom bookings, so you can set up meetings in a professional environment.

Virtual office space can include specified postal services, so you can receive post, which will be handled by the reception staff.

Where can I Rent a Virtual Office?

Contact FutureSpace for a virtual office solution. We’ll help you quickly get a prestigious business address and telephone number. FutureSpace also offers a ‘Virtual Office Plus’ package that incorporates all the benefits of a virtual office in Sandton with the option of working sophisticated café-style lounge from Monday to Friday, from 08h00 to 17h00. You pay per use, allowing you the ultimate flexibility.