How virtual offices can help grow your business

Are you an entrepreneur determined to create, connect and build a remarkable brand? You don’t need a formal office space with high overheads and monthly expenses but you’d like your client’s first impression to be a great one when they call; a space that will allow you the freedom to grow your business. Have you considered virtual offices?

A virtual office space is a great way to bring a variety of benefits to your small business without costing you a fortune. In fact, having a virtual office can actually help you grow your business. Here’s how;


What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is essentially an office in cyberspace. A virtual space allows business owners and staff to work remotely, from anywhere they like, all while linking them together with a single address. Virtual office solutions also include features like postal address offering, call-answering and message forwarding, internet connectivity and even printing and scanning facilities.

Virtual Office Solutions

How can a virtual office be use to enhance your business?

Even though you may be a one man or woman show, or simply a small business, using making use of a virtual office can assist you to be as efficient and effective as possible. Here are a few ways in which virtual offices can enhance your business;

Always-on Availability

A standard offering with every virtual office service is a professional, efficient answering service. Your virtual receptionist will be able to take calls, take messages and also handle any deliveries. Your clients will get the benefit of a friendly, always-on answering service; leaving you freed up to focus on the work at hand.

A credible, professional address

Virtual office rentals will offer you a professional business address to use on all correspondence, applications and invoicing. You won’t have to use your home address or a P.O Box address any longer. Bring more credibility to your business when you give yourself a high profile CBD street listing, making you more attractive to investors and clients alike.

Meeting spaces that impress

Some virtual office companies offer you the use of their meeting room facilities too. This is ideal for the times when you need a meeting room for clients, or a boardroom to meet with investors. You’ll get the benefit of a comfortable, tech-savvy space without having to worry about the electricity bill later.

Saves you money and time

For businesses that don’t need a permanent base like entrepreneurs and smaller businesses, virtual spaces can save you a lot of money and time. You won’t have to pay for the rent of a building or office space, you won’t have to worry about the bills, and you certainly won’t need the staff to run it. Simply rent the services you need and spend the rest of your money and time on growing your business.

What is the difference between a virtual office and a serviced office?

A serviced office space is different to a virtual office in that it is a formal office environment or building that is fully equipped. It is managed by a third party or facilities management company. Managed offices or flexible offices are run by the facilities company and used by a variety of people that all run their own businesses or companies on their own.

The kind of work you do, how many staff you have, and what kind of services you require, will all be determining factors in deciding whether you need a virtual office or a serviced office space.

How can Future Space help?

Future Space offers co-working offices, private offices, meeting rooms, virtual offices and executive offices in the heart of Johannesburg’s Bryanston and Sandton CBD. We offer spacious, cutting-edge work spaces that are impeccably designed; allowing you to work in a space that is efficient, modern and fully-serviced.

When choosing a virtual office solutions package from Future Space, you’ll be able to choose from these services;

● Specified postal services
● Call-answering and message-forwarding services
● High-speed internet and communications technology
● Access to meeting spaces and informal lounge areas
● Printing and scanning facilities
● Speedy upgrade to co-working space or private office.

For more information on working virtually and how it can help you grow your organisation, contact Future Space today.