Can a Virtual Office Be Used to Register a Business?

Are you wondering if you’ll be able to register with SARS or with the Compliance Commission if you’re a small business operating out of virtual offices? When using virtual office solutions, you’ll be able to use the virtual office address as your own; bringing more integrity and trust to your brand as well as keeping your private home address, well, private.

Let’s take a look at the various registration options that businesses have and if a virtual office address can be used.


What does registering a business mean?
In South Africa, registering a business can take many forms. Most businesses, whether sole proprietors or registered companies have to register with SARS for tax purposes as well as the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission or CIPC. Registering your company is not simply a compliance issue but there are benefits too, including being able to apply for tax incentives and financial assistance.

Virtual Office Company

Can you register a business using a virtual office?
Most registration commissions and bodies, like SARS and the CIPC, will accept virtual office addresses as your business address as long as you have the supporting documents to go along with it. We always suggest getting in touch with your local tax office or the CIPC to confirm that this is true for your specific business however.

Here are a few points to note when registering a business in South Africa;

1. What kind of business will you be registering as; sole proprietor, partnership or private company?
2. You will need documentation like certified copies of your ID (and any partner’s you may be joining forces with) and company name registration papers if you have.

For many entrepreneurs or small business owners, have the overheads and expenses that go along renting or owning office space are just too high. Opting for the features offered with virtual offices and the benefits that go along with it, are often the most affordable and most convenient option for “solo-prenuers”.

What services should come standard with a rented virtual office?
If you’re looking for virtual or serviced offices, there are many features that should be offered as standard. A reputable and trust-worthy company should give you the following options as part of your virtual office package;

Standard services:

● Specified postal services
● Call-answering and message-forwarding services
● Access to meeting space
● Upgrade to co-working space or private office

Some companies will offer additional extras too, which could include;
● High-speed internet and communications technology
● Access to meeting spaces and informal lounge areas
● Printing and scanning facilities
● Speedy upgrade to co-working space or private office.

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