From Traditional to Serviced Office Space

Searching for an office that suits your business needs can be intimidating. At times, you are faced with empty spaces and decisions such as the size of the area you will need, lease terms and contracts can all have an impact on the company’s bottom line. Office spaces should foster creativity, innovation and freedom of thought and the process of finding the right office space should not be daunting nor does it have to be a time consuming task.

Traditionally, the task of finding a space and setting up is delegated to someone in the organization which can be stressful. At this point, you may not be sure of the size of the space you require and as your team may grow in numbers you might need to scale up. You may also be thinking of all the equipment needed to run a functional work environment.

You do not want to commit to a long-term lease as you are unsure whether the location would be suitable for your unique business needs. Most standard office leases are six months or more which makes it difficult to commit. 

This might be the time to consider a serviced office. These spaces can adapt to the growth patterns of different businesses as businesses are sometimes faced with the need to cutback or find the need for more space due to increased personnel. They are flexible and adapted to suit your business needs.

Serviced spaces rid entrepreneurs or small business of this stress and offer a seamless process of consultation. Interested parties are offered the opportunity to speak to the serviced office providers directly, who then respond to the queries effectively. 

Set up is a breeze as clients receive a simplified service with flexible lease agreements and no extra set up costs. Setting up offices can take months from purchasing furniture and dividing the area into spaces suited for different work functions.  

Managed offices come ready with all you need to get going. The Internet, phone connections, furniture and kitchen spaces  are good to go as soon as you move in.

What is a serviced office?

A serviced office is a fully functional space that is managed by a facility company. The company rents out office spaces and floors to several organizations. The key features of these spaces are adaptability and flexibility as they can accommodate a variety of businesses.

They are inclusive of a host of business services namely cleaning, security, internet connection, printing and copy services. A serviced office space encompasses all the traditional office equipment without the added costs. Most of these offices come furnished with meeting rooms of various sizes and they can fully conform to a user’s needs, from small businesses, freelancers and large corporations. They offer entrepreneurs and small businesses an opportunity to scale-up with ease. 

What are the benefits of a serviced office vs. a traditional office?  


In these spaces you will never find yourself paying extra for utilities. Utilities are inclusive of the flat price in the month to month lease. Businesses only pay for the space they need and are agile to a growing business’s needs. These spaces allow employees to save money for other business priorities as the cost for set up is much lower than setting up a traditional office. 


These spaces are at premium locations and prestigious addresses. A good business location effects employees’ job satisfaction and in turn, productivity. If your office is located in the best place, it will undoubtedly attract the right clientele. 


The office spaces come with all the furniture that is needed. Desks are fully outfitted for the needs of a modern team and most serviced offices include the following as part of their monthly costs: formal and informal meeting rooms, a reception area, internet connection, security, kitchen facilities, and daily cleaning services. 


They enable you to scale up or down, depending on your business needs. In comparison to traditional offices, services have a short-term lease, which can be changed with ease and little notice.  If you need additional space, your contract can be adjusted.

Bundled Packages 

The month to month payment inclusive of almost all the services. 

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