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From Traditional to Serviced Office Space

Financial Benefits of Scaling Down to a Serviced Office

As the remote work generation, we’re of the mindset that we no longer need to be tethered to a static office space. The way we work and do business is largely fluid – where we work no longer matters because we now see that great work can be done anywhere.

But even the remote work generation needs the choice of being able to use an allocated space as a business hub in which to collaborate, meet and confer.

The serviced office to rent gives you that option. You can do what it is you do best from your home office, the local coffee shop, or wherever a solid wifi signal exists. But if you need a space that drips with the luxuries and convenience of a professional office, with fully-furnished rooms, occupied, professional reception, private boardrooms, and all the connectivity and infrastructure, consider the serviced office as an alternative, should you want it.

What does a serviced office include?

 A serviced office is an option for you to be completely agile, in this the hyperconnected ‘new normal’ of business, without having to tether yourself to the overblown rents and unreasonable durations of full-office leasing.

And as we continue to be a remote-working world, it’s worth considering benefitting from the customisation of a serviced office, when it comes to using and paying for only the space you need, and only for the timeframe in which you need it. Should your business grow, you’ll want to have a space for your employees – a space that is scalable up or down, according to your business requirements.

But when it comes to simple amenities, what does the serviced office include?

  • Location in a modern business hub
  • High-speed internet
  • Reception and concierge
  • Meeting rooms
  • Security

The serviced office is a plug-in and play environment – all amenities and infrastructure exist and are ready to use, so that you remain seamless in your day-to-day.

Where can I rent serviced office space?

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From co-working, open-plan, private offices, meeting rooms, and virtual offices, to executive office suites, FutureSpace has the answer you seek in your endeavours to find a space in which to conduct your business.

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