Private Shared Office Space

Are you a small business looking for more space? Do you need an office in which to collaborate as you strategise toward growing your staff contingent? Do you simply need a temporary HQ in which to confer with colleagues or clients?

A private office for rent may just be the perfect solution for your organisation.

Great strides have been made in the agile office space. Where the outdated need to enter into cloying leases or unreasonable rent agreements once reigned, now exists the option for total flexibility when it comes to the kind of office space you need, what you need in that space, and the duration for which you need it.

This flexibility means that you, and your business, can obtain a space in which to operate, that won’t tie you to overblown contracts and occupancy timeframes.

Introducing the private office for rent.

What is a private office?

A private office is a fully equipped, professional space that can be occupied within flexible terms.

This flexibility includes the amount of space needed, the equipment, infrastructure, and connectivity needed, and the duration space is needed for.

Each of these features can be stipulated by the interested party so that only that space, infrastructure, and duration is billed

Where can I rent a private shared office space?

For private office space based in professional hubs and sought-after areas in Johannesburg, look no further than FutureSpace’s suite of private office rental options.

Each space is equipped with ergonomic office furniture, 24/7 security, and fibre connection internet, giving you the office that suits your business requirements.

What’s more, the FutureSpace private office space offering includes:

  •  Daily cleaning services
  • Water and electricity
  • Reception and concierge
  • Canteen and coffee shop
  • Working lounge and boardroom access

Each office space offers the most cutting-edge options for your specific requirements, and only within the specifications of what you require – only pay for the space you use.

What’s more, each space comes with an entirely flexible option wherein you can scale up or down, to use less should you need to cut back, or more if you project growth.

No longer do you need to worry about being tied to unreasonable leases and contracts. Enjoy a luxurious and modern office, fully equipped with only space and equipment you need, and only pay for the duration you need.

Click here to find out more about FutureSpace’s private office for rent options, and let them show you the art of working wisely.

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