Temporary office space

If you need a temporary office space to rent for a day, a week, a month, we have the ultimate, fully serviced and on demand office space rental solution for you.


Looking for temporary office space?

There are many reasons why you may need a temporary office space.

Some people need a temporary space to work from only once or twice a week, or even once a month. For example, you might have an office based in another city, but make regular trips to Johannesburg where you need a home base to work from. You may work from home, but need a space to go to occasionally where you can really concentrate and focus on your work. You may work on the road, meeting clients in different locations, but occasionally need to work in an office to do admin.

Some people need temporary office space for much longer periods of time. For example, you may be a freelancer who needs a space to work productively for a month or two. Or perhaps you own a small business that is rapidly growing and you need temporary space for your current needs, with the option of growing your office space as your business grows.

Whether you need hourly office rental or longer-term office space, a temporary office is a great solution for a number of business owners and entrepreneurs. This growing trend has been increasing over the years and continues to grow as more people realise the advantages.


A temporary office space includes everything you would expect in a traditional office space and more.

Desks and chairs are included in a temporary space. Depending on the arrangement you choose, you can book a permanent desk for a set period of time, you can reserve a whole office area for a number of workers, or you can choose a more flexible arrangement with hot desks and working lounge areas, where you can move around as you see fit.

Water, lights, rates, and furnishings are all included in the monthly fee you pay for your temporary workspace. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are also included, and a cleaning service will be in place to keep the offices clean. The temporary space will also offer some form of security – including, for example, an access-controlled entry system or permanent guards.

High-speed internet access is a must, with temporary offices offering fibre internet and WiFi throughout the space.

You will also have access to meeting rooms, boardrooms, and training rooms. Depending on the temporary office space provider, you will be able to book and use various rooms for conducting meetings. Meeting rooms should include AV equipment and possibly also video conferencing facilities.

Ideally, a temporary office space should include reception desk services and concierge services. Your calls will be answered and routed to you, and possibly office guests will be greeted and directed to your business. A concierge service can help with flight, restaurant and hotel bookings, and more.


Temporary space is a great solution for people who need the comfort and convenience of an office without having to make a long-term commitment. Temporary space can be organised on a daily basis, or hired from month to month. Some businesses even offer hourly office space rental.

A temporary office is ready to go. You don’t need to worry about setting it up – you can simply move in and start working. You also don’t have the up-front costs normally associated with setting up an office, including paying for furniture and essential services.

A temporary office can scale with your needs. If you only need a conference room once every two months, why pay for a permanent conference room set up. You can simply book the space you need when you need it. If you suddenly need additional desks and services, you can quickly scale up to suite your requirements.


If you’re looking for a temporary office rental that’s conveniently located and well equipped, contact FutureSpace. Our temporary offices in Johannesburg are located in the heart of the Sandton and Bryanston business CBDs. We offer virtual offices, coworking space, executive suites, and bespoke solutions, all of which can be quickly and easily scaled up and down to suit your needs. Avoid set-up costs and lengthy set-up periods with a move-in-ready space.


FutureSpace offers three fantastic locations for people looking for temporary office solutions. Our Sandton offices are located at 61 Katherine Street and 96 Rivonia Road. Both are within walking distance of the Gautrain and very close to the Sandton CBD. Our Bryanston offices are centrally located at 2 Bruton Road, just off William Nicol.