Key Benefits Of Serviced Flexible Offices

The new workplace environment has a diverse and blended workforce. It’s becoming more responsive to innovations and is less dependent on conventional working methods. The concept of flexible serviced offices is likely foreign to many. So, what exactly is it, and could it be just what your business needs?

What are flexible serviced offices?

A serviced office is an office or space that supplies everything a modern business needs. It’s a workplace that accommodates whatever type of work teams or individuals need to accomplish. The idea of a flexible office is simple, but that is why it works. With flexible offices, businesses have their own space and all the features of a conventional office minus the hassle, cost and stress of setting things up. Flexible serviced office spaces provide the perfect environment for improving productivity and creating business networking opportunities. As they host a variety of people, brands and businesses, they allow workers to network and socialize with people outside their area of work.

What are the key benefits of serviced offices?

Initially, this concept may seem unusual or too good to be true, but a flexible office space is the office of the future. They are versatile because they cater to the diverse needs of a business. Today, a single office room acts as a team-building workspace, tomorrow as a training area, the next week it caters for a private meeting, and so on. Serviced offices improve productivity by putting all essential workplace types in one office or area and allowing people to choose how they want to work.

What is included in a flexible serviced office?

A flexible office space for rent offers much more than a room to work. Flexible workplaces include the essential elements of traditional offices, plus a few more. By renting a serviced space, people have access to:

  • High-speed internet. Team members stay connected, with a fast and efficient fibre internet with line-of-sight back up. They also get 24/7 IT support.
  • Reception and concierge. Receptionists for switchboard management to receive incoming calls and welcome guests. A concierge to make hotel or restaurant reservations, airport transfers and pick up dry cleaning or tailoring.
  • Meeting rooms. A large selection of meeting spaces for any occasion. Whether it calls for a spacious room for large groups or a cosy area for private meetings. Serviced meeting rooms come equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology.
  • 24/7 security. One of the benefits of serviced offices is the level of protection they offer. They have charging lockers in the lounge, access doors between areas, and 24/7 CCTV surveillance and security teams to ensure that all the workplace professionals are safe and secure.
  • Business hub. This cutting-edge concept places a business in a modern business hub surrounded by companies from different countries and industries.
  • Shared resources. Flexible offices provide complimentary printing and scanning facilities.
  • Renting an office space means receiving daily cleaning services, as well as water and electricity.
  • A central café means that no one needs to pack a lunch. A café filled with healthy and tasty options guarantees the satisfaction of even the pickiest eater on your team. Gym, spa, restaurant, and deli facilities are also available in the building.

Do you pay business rates on flexible serviced offices?

No, you don’t pay business rates on flexible serviced offices. Flexibly leased co-working spaces come with fixed business rates. Flexible leases are usually short-term contracts inclusive of rent and services such as cleaning, security, and high-speed internet. FutureSpace offers flexible contracts with flexible agreement terms. Enquire with us today, and let us take you through what could be the perfect flexible office space for you.