Instant office space

An entrepreneurs business goes through many stages, and the flexibility offered by instant offices might be the most important growth hack to consider.

Are instant offices a good choice for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs usually have a lot on their plate. While trying to keep an eye on their core business, they also need to find time to deal with all the additional stresses that come with starting a business. Getting office space up and running can be a time consuming, costly and worrisome.

Enter the concept of an instant office.

In the past a business owner would have to go through an extensive property search, viewing many different spaces, and then negotiate a long-term lease on a property. Then they would have to stock their new, empty space with furniture – everything from desks to chairs, boardroom tables and pause areas. They would need to have telephone lines and high-speed internet installed. They would need to hire a receptionist, cleaning services and possibly a security company.

Each of these hassles takes vital time out of their day and distracts them from their main job of growing their business. An instant office takes the stress out of setting up offices, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their core business.

What is an instant office?

An instant office is an office space that is fully furnished and serviced office that can be rented out on a short term basis. You can just rent a single desk in a coworking space, or an exclusive executive office complete with meeting rooms and lounges. An instant office not only takes the stress out of setting up an office, it also saves the business owner so much time, because the new office is already up and running.

Instant office vs conventional office?

Set up costs : One of the main differences between an instant office and a conventional office is the set-up cost. An entrepreneur will need to have adequate funding to set up a conventional office space and will have to many items to purchase – from coffee machines to ergonomic seating, meeting chairs to boardroom tables and everything in-between. With an instant office, you pay one simple monthly fee, without any outlay.

Setup time : Setting up an office takes time. A new office takes on average 6 to 9 months to set up, whereas an instant office can be ready to move into tomorrow. You’ll be fully operational from day one, without having to wait for a range of suppliers to install internet services, phone lines, desks and air-conditioning units.

Length of contract : If you’re setting up a conventional office you can expect to sign a long-term lease agreement of at least 6 months. An instant office has flexible short term agreements that can be changed quickly and easily.

Facilities : If you’re hiring out a conventional office space, you can choose a space that includes a boardroom, various meeting rooms and pause areas. But each of these areas need to be furnished with tables and chairs, as well as audio visual equipment. You need to consider adding screens and AV systems so you can hold remote meetings and present to large groups. An instant office will generally include some form of meeting space, with some offering large boardrooms featuring state-of-the-art AV technology.

Expansion plans : When renting office space you need to consider whether or not the space will be suited to your future needs. As you will be in the space for a long time, you may want to hire more space than you currently need, so you can quickly scale up if necessary. If not, you run the risk of outgrowing your space and then having to move offices again. An instant office is normally easy to scale – you can simply hire more desks as your needs grow.

Additional services : When setting up an office, you’ll need to consider whether or not you can afford to hire a receptionist, and if not, who will take business calls and organise meetings. You need to consider office cleaners – how often will the office space be cleaned, and do you need to employ a person or company to perform this task. You also need to consider the security of the building, including CCTV cameras and security personnel. Do you need additional security measures?

Instant offices often come with additional services including a shared receptionist who can forward calls, an office cleaning service and security services.

Where can I rent an instant office?

If you’re looking for office space that’s conveniently located and well equipped, contact FutureSpace. We offer a range of instant office solutions at great locations in the Sandton area. We offer virtual offices, coworking space, executive suites and bespoke solutions. FutureSpace can have you up and running in no time, with a solution perfectly suited to your needs. And if you need to expand, you can do so quickly and easily, without any disruption to your current business setup.