Flexible Office Space

If you’re looking for flexible office space that can grow with your business, a serviced office solution may be for you.


Why You May Need Flexible Office Space?

As your business grows, your office space requirements can change rapidly. Perhaps you need to bring in extra staff for a particularly busy time of year. Perhaps you need to grow your business by hiring more permanent employees. Perhaps you are planning on expanding your business over the next few years, but you’re not sure how much extra space that will require. Perhaps you will be needing additional training rooms and meeting rooms for a set period of time.

Whatever the case may be, your company’s workspace requirements may change rapidly. How can your office space keep pace?

A conventional lease agreement is normally at least a year-long but could be a lot longer. A flexible office space, on the other hand, is very flexible, enabling you a business to your space up or down at very short notice.

What is a Flexible Office Space?

A flexible workspace is a serviced office that is instantly ready to move into. Skip the set-up time and the set-up costs. Everything is ready for you from day one. You’ll get all the benefits of a traditional office, without the hassles of managing your own space.

If you need extra space for a short period of time, you can simply hire more on a temporary basis. You can also hire specific areas to suit your needs – some serviced office spaces include training rooms, arbitration rooms, and conference rooms. These can also be hired on a short-term basis to suit your needs.

What Flexible Office Space Options Are Available?

A serviced office can include co-working space, normal office space, executive suites, and even bespoke office spaces.

Co-working space is a great solution for freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who need a flexible workspace that doesn’t require time and effort to set up. If you are working alone, or with a few partners, a co-working environment might be the best option for your needs. You can choose to work at a booked desk within a co-working space, or even sit in a café-like lounge area where you can work alongside other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners.

If you need one desk today, three desks tomorrow, and a meeting room at the end of the week, you can easily arrange this, scaling up and down on a daily basis. You never have to worry about providing desks and chairs to temporary staff members, as the serviced office space provides everything you need on a rental basis.

If you need a more permanent solution, you may want to consider a private shared office space. This offers your business a more permanent set-up that is still easy to scale. Pay only for the space you use. You’ll also have access to certain extras including parking, security services, ergonomic furniture, reception and concierge desk services, and access to meeting rooms and boardrooms.

For an even more professional set-up, you can explore an executive office or bespoke office. Here you will be able to customise office space to your exact needs. These options are particularly beneficial to businesses that want to meet with clients in their offices and need a comfortable, luxurious space that exudes a professional appearance.

Private shared offices, executive offices, and bespoke offices can all be scaled up quickly and easily. You never have to worry about calling in contractors to partition offices, or worrying about buying furniture and installing services as your office grows.

Rates, water, electricity, air-conditioning, WiFi, power and data points, and office furniture are all included in the single fee you pay per month. Even security and cleaning services are covered.

Serviced office space will also include kitchen facilities, and some spaces will include a coffee shop and food options.

Most serviced offices also include a reception desk, with some even offering concierge services. Have your dinner reservations made, plane tickets booked and dry cleaning taken care of while you get down to business.

With a flexible office arrangement, you can spend your time focusing on your key business, without having to worry about daily office concerns.

Where Can I Rent a Flexible Office Space?

If you’re looking for a flexible office solution that’s conveniently located and well equipped, contact FutureSpace. Our serviced offices in Johannesburg are located in the heart of the Sandton and Bryanston business CBDs. We offer virtual offices, coworking spaces, executive suites and bespoke solutions, all of which can be quickly and easily scaled up and down to suit your needs. Avoid set-up costs and lengthy set-up periods with a move-in ready space.