Training rooms for hire

There are many instances when you may need a training room outside of your conventional office. If you’re looking to hire a training room, FutureSpace offer a selection of options, ideally located in the heart of Sandton.

Why hire a training room?

Many businesses need training rooms to upskill staff members or train new employees. While some training can take place in a company’s existing office premises, there are many occasions when training needs to take place elsewhere.

If a company doesn’t have large training facilities or boardrooms of their own, they may hire external training rooms. A company may even have the space to train staff but may find that their current offices are not properly equipped for training, leading them to look elsewhere.

Sometimes, holding training sessions in a new and different location can help to spark creativity and engage employees more strongly. There are fewer distractions outside of the workplace, and you won’t find staff disappearing to handle a query or quickly return to their desk if you hold training off-site.

Businesses that have central head offices but employ people in many different areas of the country often need external facilities to help them train staff in different cities.

What is a training room?

A training room is a space where employees gather to learn new skills or information. A training room is generally a flexible space with seating and tables that can be easily reconfigured to suit the trainer or facilitator’s needs.  Some facilitators want a more traditional classroom-like setup, while others want a collaborative space where people can all share with one another.

Training rooms for hire in Bryanston and Sandton

FutureSpace offers training room rentals in their three locations in Sandton and Bryanston.

Our premises at 96 Rivonia Road, Sandton includes a purpose-built training room that can be reconfigured to suit your specific needs. The space can host groups of between 16 and 42 people.

We also have a number of meeting rooms and boardrooms that can be used for training purposes.

FutureSpace offers accessible training rooms with everything you need to hold a productive training session.

When planning the FutureSpace offices, care was taken to ensure the training rooms were specifically designed and adequately equipped for training purposes.

Our designers took everything into consideration: air-conditioning ensures the room remains at an optimum temperature, lighting is adjustable, furniture is comfortable, functional, and flexible. The room is easily reconfigured to suit your needs – whether you want a central table and chairs, a u-shaped design, or a classroom-style setup, all can be easily achieved.

Anyone who’s sat through a training session on a cheap plastic chair can attest to the importance of good quality furniture in a training room. Trainees should be comfortable and relaxed so that they are ready to absorb information.

Our meeting rooms and training facilities are equipped with the right technology to ensure your training runs smoothly. We offer projector screens and AV equipment, with the ability to do two-way video conferencing. We also provide whiteboards and flipcharts for a hands-on training approach.

Where can I rent a training room?

If you’re looking for a training room that’s conveniently located and well equipped, contact FutureSpace. Our training rooms and meeting rooms in Johannesburg are located in the heart of the Sandton and Bryanston business CBDs. We also offer virtual offices, coworking space, executive suites, and bespoke office solutions.