Optimised Meeting Rooms For The Digital Age

Indeed, the digital age is fully upon us.

It hasn’t just been because of the global pandemic rudely shoving us into a state of remote work, distancing and isolation. This digitisation has been creeping in for a number of years, and somewhat insidiously, to become an all-permeating force that drives every facet of our lives.

If we were trying to avoid full digitisation, that certainly didn’t happen, and it would’ve been misguided anyway – the digital age is the natural progression to which modern society must align, to move forward into its next evolutionary state.

For business, this has more been a revolution, than natural adoption. The world is now a global commerce space. We’re more connected and more in touch with markets and clients and colleagues than we’ve ever been before. And it’s all thanks to our digital capabilities.

One feature in how we conduct our operations is in the digitisation of meetings. We can now step into a virtual meeting room and confer with clients all over the world, and colleagues working from all corners of a given city or area. It’s a remarkable state to be in.

If you’re still a little wet behind the ears, but are looking to optimise your virtual meetings so that they’re more productive and streamlined, here are a few things to know:

What is an Optimised Meeting Room?

 The digital meeting room is a way for better collaboration between colleagues and clients, both in the room, and outside the business. This has essentially created an air of the ‘global village’ in operations.

This digital workspace facilitates collaboration, allows for face-to-face interactions between geographically distant colleagues and clients, and allows for entirely remote business requirements like brainstorming, specialist and employee management, interviewing, and training.

 Because of business demands of now, there are various platforms to choose from that facilitate this way of remote working, and each houses a range of features that will enhance these digital meets, to ensure their productivity and success in outcome.

 Here are just a few features in an optimised virtual meeting room:

 Digital Whiteboard

Perfect for brainstorming – as you would on a physical one, the digital whiteboard allows collaboration in conceptualisation and remote teamwork. It’s fully interactive, too, so the team can map out plans, strategise and structure concepts through visual planning – all online.


So that all presentations are uniform and seamless, digital meeting rooms have built-in PowerPoint software. This means that presentations never ‘break’, and versions are automatically saved to the platform for ease-of-access later.


The optimised meeting room is compatible to BYOD – bring your own device. This means that all attendees can access the meeting from their own spaces, using their own devices, and experience uninterrupted collaboration.

This does a lot for productivity – ensuring attendee comfort through device familiarity.

What are the Tech Needs for a Meeting Room?

Most of the infrastructure is already there.

As mentioned, we’re globally more connected than we’ve ever been before, so it’s the perfect time for this remote working evolution to be fully implemented into all business processes.

Just in case something is missing, here’s what the optimised meeting room needs:

  • HDMI, USB and Micro USB adapters
  • Conferencing software
  • Outer displays like monitors
  • A device that supports the specific audio and visual format
  • A strong internet connection

The new way of business has dawned. To be part of the surge, and benefit from the potential growth a fully optimised, digital process can bring, you should embrace it, and as soon as possible.

Not sure how? Contact FutureSpace now. We have the bespoke remote working solutions and video conferencing guidance you need.