Incubation Hubs – Workspaces For Growing Businesses

Incubation Hubs are the perfect workspace solution for new and fledgling companies. Learn more about how incubation hubs fuel and encourage business growth.

What Is An Incubation Hub?

Business incubation hub companies like FutureSpace help small and start-up companies to develop. They offer meeting office space and business infrastructure at a low cost, but this isn’t all. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Incubating Hubs?

Here are 5 top benefits of incubation spaces:

1.      Low-Cost Shared Office Space

If you are a start-up or small business, one of your biggest problems is affordable accommodation.

You also need different types of rooms from time to time. Apart from offices, you sometimes need a conference room or discussion room. But not often enough to make it worth the expense. When you use only a small percentage of the space regularly, you are wasting money on non-essential space.

Renting space to accommodate all your business accommodation needs is expensive, especially in sought-after areas like Sandton and Bryanston.

Incubation hubs offer a low-cost alternative. Only book space when you need it. And you pay only for the time you use it.

2.      Low-cost Internet And Online Facilities

Another costly item on any business budget is the internet and affiliated online costs. Business incubation hubs offer cheaper rates for high-speed internet service. As with accommodation, you only pay for what you use.

The hub provides internet services to a single office where you can do all your online work. They also cater for conference rooms with technical and internet support.

3.      Virtual Office

You save money on infrastructure when you utilize the virtual office services of business incubation hubs. This is where you’ll get a postal address in a high-end area, automatically giving your business more credibility. This is especially important to small businesses or start-ups that can’t afford to compete with more established competitors. The virtual office service also includes a call-answering and message-forwarding service. A phone that rings and goes to voicemail could easily translate into lost business opportunities.

4.      Informal Business Links

You meet other business people when you share office space in a hub. You start sharing business ideas informally with each other. Often you get answers to many of your business questions by just speaking to other entrepreneurs.

5. Spaces to suit your working preferences

  • Private Shared Office

Private shared office space is where you only pay for the space you use.  In the office, you’ll have everything you need, from ergonomic office furniture to fast fibre internet. You also get 24/7 security, which is a must for incubation hubs in South Africa.

  • Lounge Working

If you need access to networking opportunities, choose a space to meet people. A lounge working space creates opportunities to meet in a fusion of corporate and casual atmosphere. FutureSpace’s café-style lounge offers such an environment. You choose between a per-day fee or a monthly membership. Membership can include meeting room credits.

  • Co-Working

If you prefer working in a community of like-minded people, some incubation hubs in South Africa offer you space for co-working. Book a reserved work area with the benefit of networking. These spaces give you a balance between privacy and opportunities for collaboration. Choose either a reserved or an unreserved desk.

FutureSpace is a future-forward solution

Covid restrictions are showing us that virtual and shared office space and services are the future, even for big businesses. For start-ups and small businesses, it is perhaps the best way forward.

If you work in the Johannesburg area, explore your options by giving us a call