Finding the Right Venue For Your Next Conference

The venue you choose for your next conference will say as much about your industry expertise as the content you plan on presenting.

Simply, conference venues are critical to any event’s overall success.

Finding the venue that’ll suit your intent and business personality can be somewhat of a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be, though, and in fact, it can be fun sourcing a spot that you know your attendees will love. It’s simply a matter of embracing the challenge and, with the help of the list of top tips below, putting in the time to find the venue that suits you, your guests, and your pocket.

Let’s get into it.

Conference Venues – How to Pick the Right One


Establish a budget

This is the first step.

You’ll know what you want to be achieving with your conference, and what kind of audience you want to expose that content to.

But make a budget and stick to it. You don’t want to be caught mid-conference with infrastructure or catering issues. So, budget for what you can – even if you have to hold a smaller conference. The right eyes will still be in attendance if you’ve planned well and have something compelling to show or teach them.


This may seem obvious, but sometimes the capacity of the conference venue can’t handle an attendee list, and then disaster can ensue.

First and foremost, know the number of guests you’re having. And then, when you’ve narrowed down potential venues, enquire first and foremost what capacity they can handle. You can then make an informed decision, and not have guests struggling to get in, or come upon any regulatory or safety issues.

The Site Inspection

So, you’ve budgeted, planned a guest list, looked at venues, and made a decision. That’s the hardest and most time-consuming work done. But before you can start getting excited about the event, go and visit your intended venue. It’s always a good idea to get the feel of a venue before you set it up. It’s at this point that you can assess equipment like microphones and speakers. You can observe the layout and envision spots for better display purposes and speaking areas. And one more thing, you can check all emergency exits are working and abundant – the safety of your guests must always be paramount.

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