Office lounge working offers you a sophisticated setting custom-built for networking.

In a time when being entirely agile in the way we meet, collaborate, and work is now the new directive, a work lounge may just be the perfect option for businesses wanting a dynamic environment that inspires brand communication.

It’s a space that embraces the fusion of corporate and casual, where you can bring your staff, clients, and suppliers to meet in a cafe-style corporate lounge – fully equipped with amenities and infrastructure that’ll allow you to seamlessly adapt.

So, while executive workspaces and shared workspaces offer customisable, longer-use office space options for remote businesses, the office lounge is designed to lend an air of professionalism in flexibility – flexibility in exactly how much space you’ll need, right down to the hour.

What is a work lounge space?

For the better part of the five years, the work lounge has been a concept many progressive businesses have mulled on to promote total flexibility and agility in how and where modern employees may conduct their day-to-day.

The umbrella feature under which this notion has existed is that imbuing this hyper-flexibility in how we work will inspire, allowing employees to flourish and charging the hope that work, then, can, in essence, happen anywhere, with the same highly productive results.

With the working world now having to embrace remote-working, the idea of a work lounge has taken a confident step forward has a very viable remote choice.

Essentially, it’s an open, collaborative space that can be rented by the hour, to the day, to the month, and gives businesses the option of an inspiring workspace, rife with infrastructure, but without overheads.

Fundamentally, as we become more remote the world over, the office lounge gives us as businesses and employees, the option of a dynamic environment, where we can still be collaborative with team members, clients, and staff, every day – for as long as we need.

How much is office lounge space?

The obvious draw to an office lounge space option is flexibility and agility – you only use the space you need, when you want, for as long as you want.

FutureSpace has a monthly office lounge option for you, where you choose the space you need when you need it. There’s also an even more agile daily option – if you need a casual, yet professional, space for a quick brainstorm, an important client meet, or even just a catch-up with a colleague, choose the daily rate.

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