Executive Offices: How To Get Them Right?

What are the fundamentals of an executive office? Functionality, ergonomics, branding or design? Services offered in the executive space are also vital. Read more!

Executive offices are an indispensable part of any business organisation. These offices are designed to accommodate managerial positions that are used to manage, analyse, and organise the actions of a company. A great executive office speaks volumes about your business and reflects the company’s as well as the executives’ personality.

What Are The Fundamentals Of An Executive Office?

  • Functionality: Designing an executive office space with elaboration isn’t necessary if it’s not properly functional. The office should be cosy and fundamentally practical so that you can carry out the management of your company effectively.
  • Ergonomics: The office should be designed by keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the executives. Implementing ergonomics when designing executive office suites can make employees feel more comfortable, decrease injury and increase productivity. For example, when shopping for office chairs bear in mind the ergonomics features as it helps reduce injury and lower back problems for employees.
  • Branding or Design: Branding and designing of an executive office space require careful planning. The best kind of office spaces are welcoming, practical, and branded. The best way to go about designing and branding is to prioritise the functionality first. The office should echo the company’s values and embody everything the company stands for.
  • Services: The services offered in the executive spaces are also vital for the efficient working of professionals. Services like high-speed internet, 24×7 security and CCTV cameras, secure parking with direct building access are some essentials of a great executive space.

What Is The Best Design For An Executive Office Space?

An executive office space should present professionalism and elegance regardless of whether it has traditional or modern style and decor. The office design depends upon the type of business and user’s work habits, inspiring all kinds of professionals. Effective executive office solutions showcase the best views, modern furniture, sophisticated art, and luxurious decoration. Apart from functionality, ergonomics, branding, and services, here are some key things to consider when designing the perfect executive office:

  • Personalisation – You can choose the style of your executive office suites according to your corporate identity. Always think about the values and message you want to convey through your organisation and that should be expressed in your office space.
  • Good Lighting – Your office should have lots of natural light and the best views. To optimise the lighting of your space, combine natural lighting with artificial light.
  • Making The Most of Space – It’s important to distribute the elements of your office correctly. Optimise the space so that it looks neat, spacious, and tidy; consider using mobile storage cabinets
  • Modern Furniture and Colours – The types of office furniture can vary in style, material, and practicality; and it can denote your status. The style you choose for your office should match the corporate colours of your company and brand image.

Where to rent an executive office space?

Work comfort has a huge impact on the health and productivity of your employees. If employees are comfortable in their office space, they will be more productive, energetic, organised and positive in their work and behaviour. And, finding a productive and collaborative workspace is a major step for any business. It is important to consider the location and how it reflects upon the business. FutureSpace offers executive office solutions to all your office needs.

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