Executive office suites to rent

We offer luxury Executive Office Suites to rent in the most exclusive locations, inclusive of all services, guaranteed to meet your Executive Office Space requirements.


Executive Office Suites

Some businesses thrive in a co-working space, where people from different businesses all work together in a single space, often sharing ideas or making new connections. But the coworking model doesn’t suit all types of businesses.

Often a small business owner is looking for prestigious business space without having to sign long term lease agreements and kit out the office space with furniture and equipment. But a coworking space isn’t a suitable solution because they want more privacy, and more prestige.

In this case, an executive office space is an elegant solution.

What is an executive office suite?

An executive office suite is a luxurious office space offering a much higher level of privacy than a coworking space. Features like an exclusive lounge and private boardroom are perfect for meeting with clients and suppliers.

Who will benefit from using executive office suites?

Businesses that value their privacy : In a coworking spaces, you will find yourself sitting next to other members of the space.  If you need to take a sensitive phone call or need to have a private chat with someone, you will have to leave the room. Executive office solutions offer much more privacy.

Businesses that regularly meet clients in their offices : Executive office solutions are often used by services firms (for example lawyers or accountants) who want the prestige of a professional office setup in a prime location. But if you are regularly meeting with clients about sensitive information, you can’t do it in an open-plan space with little or no privacy.

Executive suites also generally feature a higher quality interior design than coworking spaces. Featuring high-quality furnishings and imported furniture, an executive space will leave a good impression on anyone who visits.

Businesses that need to make regular use of boardrooms : If you are using a boardroom or meeting room on a daily basis, whether for internal get-togethers or external meetings, an executive suite makes a lot of sense as you will have use of an exclusive lounge area and private boardroom.

What should you look for in an executive office suite?

A good location is key. Prestigious office spaces in a bad part of town just won’t make the kind of impression you were hoping for. You want to be near other major businesses, transport links, suppliers, customers and competitors.

The services offered in the executive office space are vital. Some basic services should be non-negotiable. An office space should offer high-speed internet, backed up by a service team to ensure you’re always online.

The executive office should also be able to provide a certain level of security, to ensure your safety.

Most executive offices will include some form of reception desk as well as daily cleaning services. Additional features may include free printing and free beverages. Luxury executive suites could even include shower facilities and a concierge service.