A Fully Functioning Executive Office on A Budget

Although the arrival of the pandemic effectively, and somewhat unceremoniously, projected us, as a working world, into a new normal when it comes to how we conduct our day-to-days, the concept of the home office is one that’s been steadily bubbling under the surface for some time.

It’s just that now, we’ve all witnessed the fact that it can be done, successfully, and without a drop in productivity.

One thing we’ve had to try to establish, though, is a home office that has the executive traits and tenets of that brick-and-mortar counterpart. This so that even though you may be working from home, your office exists as a slice of that one you once had before lockdowns and restrictions hit.

There are a few easy tweaks you can implement in your home office, to make yours look like the traditional executive offices, and without having to spend thousands.

Executive Offices

Executive offices are the hub of a business. They exist as spaces that radiate a business’s professionalism, culture and ability to meet and complete projects timeously.

What’s more, they enhance the office atmosphere, keeping inhabitants focussed and in the mindset of work.

Here are a few cost-free or low-cost features to put into place in your home office, so that it’s lent an air similar to the most professional of executive offices.

What Is an Ideal Executive Office Space Layout?

Executive offices exude professionalism and leadership. It’s simply a matter of implementing the right features to yours at home, and that will immediately give it that headquarter feel.

Here are 3 easy tips:

Freshen the Space

The Takasago Corporation in Japan carried out research into how offices smell, the effects of that olfactory feature on employee productivity, and the impression given to visitors.

The findings were telling, with marked improvements in productivity and more error-free work.

For outsiders coming to the office, smells like lemon, jasmine and lavender immediately set them at ease in the space, and heightened the mood.

So, invest in an air freshener and keep things smelling professional.

You’re the Boss, Let Your Office Show It

As the masthead of your business, you can craft the theme of your home office to show your business style, your personality and your professionalism.

As you decorate, hang pictures and position your ornaments, make sure they’re reflecting you, so that visitors, before even seeing your company profile, know the extent of your professionalism.

Personalising your office can also serve as a talking point, or icebreaker. It’s from that starting point that a comfortable rapport with potential partners or clients can be established and become increasing fruitful for all.

Neatness is Paramount

It’s not just the office as a whole – we know, you’re a professional, you care about your space, and you’ve got the general tidiness covered. Just don’t forget about the small stuff that sometimes slips the mind, but that can still be noticed by wondering, visitor eyes. For example, the cables behind your PC and monitor. Neaten these up to promote an executive office’s clinical neatness. And keep an eye on the bin at your desk. As soon as it’s half full, empty the trash.

Where to Rent Executive Spaces?

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Our space-crafters and professional office designers will take the best features and characteristics of the worlds grandest executive offices and implement it all into yours.

What’s more, we’ll do it all on a budget, so you don’t break the bank, but you get the best.

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