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Looking for a coworking space?

Has the traditional office had its day? Why do some businesses thrive in a coworking space? What makes a good coworking space? And what kind of benefits can you enjoy in a coworking space? We take a look at the rising phenomenon of coworking, and consider what makes shared working spaces work.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is generally describe as an office space that is used by people who are working for different employers or for themselves, while sharing facilities like desk and boardrooms, as well as equipment like printers and phone systems.

But coworking is more than just sharing office space and infrastructure. Coworking spaces become gathering places where people share ideas, knowledge and a sense of community.

What are the benefits of a coworking space?

Networking and collaboration opportunities : One of the major benefits of a collaborative workspace is the networking opportunities. Business owners who work in isolation at home or in their own small office may not have a chance to share ideas and meet new people. A coworking space gives them the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, widen their network and even meet potential clients. 

Better productivity : Working at home can be very distracting. Small business owners who work from a home office may find themselves constantly distracted by DIY jobs, chores and general disruptions. But working in a dedicated space ensures you are not surrounded by other diversions – when you enter the work space, you’re ready to work. Many people struggle to be productive when working alone and find that working around other people helps them to concentrate and remain focused.

Cost-efficiency and speed of set-up : For any new start-up, the costs of setting up an office can be overwhelming. Desks, chairs, printers, WIFI networks, boardroom furniture – all these items need to be purchased and set up before your employees can start working.

A business owner looking to set up a new office will first have to scout around to find offices to rent, sign a lease agreement, and then begin buying equipment to stock the new office. They will need phone lines and internet contracts. They will need to consider hiring a receptionist and security personnel.

A coworking space is a fantastic way to get an office up and running quickly and without an extensive cost outlay. You don’t need to purchase office furniture, and services like WIFI internet are already up and running.

Many coworking spaces offer additional services like a reception, concierge, call forwarding and security services – making your life a lot easier.

Flexibility : Not sure how much space you need? Is it possible that you could be scaling up or scaling down in the next few months, or moving locations soon? Many coworking spaces offer a flexible contract that won’t tie you in for any extended period.

How does a coworking space work?

Coworking offers a new way of working. Instead of renting premises, a small business or entrepreneur can choose to make use of a coworking office. A coworking space is a collaborative environment where workers from different companies can share office space.

A coworking office space usually comprises of a number of desks, chairs, kitchen facilities, meeting rooms and common areas. Often, businesses that make use of the space will also share a number of services, including a receptionist, security services, high-speed internet and telephone lines.

What should you look for in a coworking space?

Location is important. You’ll want space close to important transport hubs and close to your major clients and suppliers.

Finding a coworking space that suits your company culture is important. You get spaces that are geared to small, creative start-ups, with a funky and playful atmosphere, and you get more traditional spaces which are more business-like and serious.

Be sure to look into the facilities offered – can you access the building at any time of the day or night? Do they offer some form of security? How many meeting rooms are available and what technology do they offer for presentations? How fast is their internet speed and can they offer IT support to ensure you’re always connected?

Where can I rent coworking spaces?

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