CoWorking Space To Rent

If you’re a freelancer, a start-up entrepreneur or a small business you may just need a well-equipped and comfortable place to work, without the exorbitant costs that often accompany office space rental.

A co-working space could be the perfect route for you.

Where renting a traditional office usually comes with mounting costs -costs a freelancer or small business may yet not be able to afford -co-working spaces offer comfort and infrastructure, not to mention customisable options for your unique business needs.

So with traditional offices usually coming with added stress as you search for the perfect location for your business -not to mention the risk of big empty spaces as you attempt to calculate the amount of space that you need and can afford -the co-working office gives you options in what you use, pay for, and for only the period you require.

Coworking space to rent has a number of advantages. The overview is as follows:

-Less setup time is required

-They have flexible contracts

-Lower set up costs

-They accommodate growth

-They are inclusive of basic office services

What is a coworking space to rent?

A coworking office space is a set up where employees from different companies and sectors may share a working space. This allows for convenience as infrastructure is shared. All parties get to enjoy total flexibility -a commitment to a long term lease agreement isn’t required.

As previously mentioned, these workspaces are usually rented out by remote workers, freelancers, small businesses and start-ups.

Some standard features of these collaborative workspaces include:

-High-speed internet
-Hi-tech wireless printing facilities
-Shared kitchen and conference areas
-Shared reception areas

-Cleaning and security

Where is the best place to find coworking space to rent?

FutureSpace coworking spaces are conveniently located and well equipped.

They have coworking offices located in business hubs, close to key transport links -for example, Johannesburg in the heart of the Sandton, and nestled in the Bryanston business sectors.

FutureSpace offers virtual offices, coworking spaces, executive suites, and bespoke solutions. What’s more, FutureSpace will have your business up and running in no time, with solutions perfectly suited to your specifications and business requirements.

The FutureSpace coworking spaces all offer:
-Flexible agreement terms
-High-speed internet and world-class communications technology
-Access to meeting and lounge areas
-Reception, concierge, and 24/7 security
-The call answering and address benefit
-Furniture, utilities, cleaners, and digital telephone headsets
Contact FutureSpace now and experience the office of the future.

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