With the festive season now fading behind us, it’s time to get back into the swing of your working day. We’re sure you want to make the very best of yourself this year- so why not have a quick glance through FutureSpace’s top tips for finding your working stride in 2019? We’ll have you working your best from Day 1.

1.  Work the room

Hopefully, you already have a fantastic working relationship with your colleagues or fellow shared-space workers. Why not spend a little time to dust off those connections and get your ‘work vibe’ back? Not only will this help you refresh the mood and boost your morale, but you never know what networking relationships may come in handy this year.

2. Take the time to ease in

No, that isn’t a license to slack off in the coming months! There’s nothing wrong, however, with easing yourself into the deep end and starting the year off, not slow, but structured. Take the time to refresh your mind about open jobs or cases, catch up on the emails cluttering your inbox, and create an action plan you can carry ahead into the New Year with confidence. Set goals, check in on your strategies, and make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

3. Get a little excited again

Do you remember the vibrancy of the early school year, showing off your fancy new swag and the simple joy of new stationery? Capture some of the same spirit in your workday. Treat yourself to a new desk set, or a new coffee mug. Freshen your desk with some up-to-date photos and a vibrant green plant. Or revamp your corporate wardrobe. The better you feel about yourself and the space you are working in, the better you will cope with the rigours of your job.

4. Balance shouldn’t be a forgotten New Year resolution

Do you always start the working year with good intentions- planning to get to the gym, switch off your phone at home, or eat well- and then feel them slide in the first week? Not this year! Get into the habit of taking a walk in the fresh air to refresh your mind and imagination. Pack that tasty, healthy lunch- you’ve got this! The more balanced you feel throughout your life, the better your working ‘vibe’ will be too. And learning to reach for that healthy nut snack, dark chocolate or crunchy titbit will, in turn, bolster your mind and help you work your best throughout the day.

It’s never easy to get back into the swing of things at work, but with a positive mindset and some small changes, you’ll soon be on the way to a productive year. Are you sick of your cramped and dull office space to boot? Why not breathe new life into your entire company this year, and look at one of our top-class office spaces (or let us help you reinvigorate your own)? The FutureSpace team are always on hand to help you work your very best.