With the party season behind you, and the good memories of family, holidays and relaxing mornings spent lurking in bed fading fast behind you, how do you get the motivation to come back to work in the New Year with a bang? These three simple life-lessons and mantras from FutureSpace will help you hit the ground running, and keep you motivated to craft your best work year yet in 2019.

1.  ‘A better me will work more productively’

It’s true- a lot of what you do outside of work can have a profound impact on how you tackle your workload. Chances are you’ve spent the last month on lazy days sleeping in, too much good holiday food, and a lot of laziness. And there’s nothing wrong with that! We all need a chance to decompress. However, the sort of life you lead outside work as you get back into the flow of things will determine how quickly you get back into your work- so take a moment to make sure you are putting your best self forward in the New Year. Set aside the over-ambitious New Year resolutions, and just take the time to check your self-care is on point.

Exercise does a lot to boost productivity, keep oxygen flowing to the brain, and provide a welcome break from over-thinking and getting caught in a bad mental headspace. Take a few breaks through the day to stretch and relax, and make sure you are taking the time for some extra exercise outside your workspace too. This could be hitting the gym or simply walking the dog and bonding with pets, friends and family. Invest in a good tea or coffee (whichever your preferred poison) so you have something to truly enjoy on breaks, and get ready for the best working year yet.

2. ‘A good workflow starts with a good routine’

We’re betting that routine has flown out the window recently, hey? No worries- that’s just an opportunity to craft an even better one! Get the year off to a great start and take some time now (while it’s still quiet) to sort out your long-term goals for the year. Now make them smart- that’s Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Tangible. Create smaller milestones you can reach quickly, and be prepared to spend some time making them happen.

Now start with the little things. Set the alarm clock, rediscover a morning routine, lay out your clothes the night before, and make sure you have a running list of daily goals and to-dos too. This will make it oh-so-much easier to slip back into a productive workflow without pain.

3. ‘Work can be a positive experience if I make it so’

Throw away all talk about ‘nose to the grindstone’. The more of a horrible, unpleasant experience you make getting back to work, the more your brain will pick up on that cue and run with it. Rather, look on this as a great way to get back into the flow, achieve your goals, move past the disorder of the festive season, and make something even better of yourself this year. Look on going back to work as a chance for bigger, better things. Sure, there will be the annoying daily grind- but every step forward takes you closer to your goals!

Bring that same positive outlook into the office. Treat yourself to new pens and stationery, consider if the January sales are a great time to upgrade your infrastructure, and take a little time to decide where your next vacation adventure will take you. Work is part of your life, after all, so find ways to reframe it as a positive experience that helps you create the life you want for yourself.

With these 3 simple mantras for getting back to work under your belt, you will find yourself back in the flow in no time. Why not reach out to the FutureSpace team while you’re at it, and let us help you reinvigorate your workspace for a fresh new start?