Whether you’re a fast-paced entrepreneur chasing deadlines, or a creative seeking to create a thing of beauty before lunch each and every day, keeping on top of your to-do list and strictly on focus can seem a lot harder than it should. Fortunately FutureSpaceⓇ have your back, with these quick tips to make the most of your shared office space and your motivation every day.

Start the day right

Firstly, know that a great day at work starts long before you get there. Start the day in a way that leaves you revved up and ready to go. For most people, that will likely be a little quiet contemplation over a cup of your favourite beverage to straighten the day’s tasks out in your head, followed by some brisk exercise and a good breakfast to fuel your mind and body for the day. Set yourself up to perform well all day. Be sure to round off the day with a good night’s sleep too.

Don’t be afraid to socialise

Contrary to what you may think, a day spent slaving over the PC isn’t necessarily a productive one. A 5 minute relaxing chat with those sharing your shared office space can help you brainstorm ideas, feel re-energized, and engage with the world in a way that will help reset your brain for a more effective workday. Just don’t let a quick coffee break at the coffee station turn into an afternoon of gossiping!

Get moving

Science is increasingly supporting the idea that hours sitting at a desk can be bad for our health, even if we do a lot of activity outside the office. Improve your health, and boost your mind, by taking a 5 minute stretching break every hour. Stand up, and be sure to work out the kinks with a light stretching routine. Not only will this help keep you healthier, but it will get blood flowing- and that means more oxygen to the brain.

Put yourself on pause

You’ll be able to think smarter and work better with the temporary change of focus a break offers you, too. The mind isn’t built to concentrate on just one thing through the day. Taking a minute to decompress and focus your attention elsewhere will leave you rejuvenated and ready to get back to work. Most shared office spaces have common areas for you get out of the groove and refresh yourself with a small change of scenery.

Challenge yourself

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, even when you love what you’re doing. Be sure to challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone once in a while, and you’ll reap the benefits. One way to do this is to create moments for inspiration- and in a shared office space there’s huge potential for this. Visit with space-sharers in totally different industry from yourself, to open your perspectives and see how things are done outside of your industry.

Creating the right mood for motivation is easy in a shared office space. If you’re looking to take the next step forward in office design, why not get hold of FutureSpaceⓇ today, and reinvent your ideas of the office?