You work among it every day, but you probably don’t give it much thought- your workstation, be it a fixed desk, an ever-changing shared office space, or a nook in your home office. You dress to impress, make sure you triple-check all the work you deliver- but you probably don’t give this other, critical part of the business landscape a moment’s thought. You should, though- and today FutureSpace takes a look at exactly why.

Your physical space is an extension of you

You likely meet clients in your office- perhaps even seat them across from you at your desk as you discuss critical aspects of your workload together. You’ve probably taken a lot of time and effort to ensure you are clean, tidy and well-dressed for success. Have you done the same for your office, however?

No matter how professional you look, if the first sight of you your clients receive is a slovenly, badly organised office, you won’t make that positive first impression you are looking for. Who is going to trust you to handle their delicate data with care if all they see is old coffee cups, documents lost in a tumultuous pile, and paperwork falling off the walls? Likewise, who is going to feel the warmth and vibrant presence of your brand if everywhere they turn they are met with stark, bare cubicles and soulless furnishings? Will they believe the friendly nature of your company policy if all they see is veritable strangers ignoring each other?

First impressions count- and that goes for your workspace too. Does your working environment speak to the same core values as your company does? Does it inspire warmth and trust from your clients? If not, then it’s time for a serious rethink.

Your physical office space also nurtures you

Who does their best work in dismal surroundings? We can tell you straight- no one. It’s been well established by science that clutter can sap motivation, and help keep you stuck in a cycle of unproductive, distracted work. Likewise, smart companies are coming to realise that providing pleasant surroundings boosts staff productivity and keeps everyone working keenly. Even the simplest decor revamps can spark new energy and vibrancy among workers, fostering better connection and smoother, more organised workflow.

If your company space was a person, what vibe would you get from that individual? If the answer isn’t something you even want to contemplate, then it’s time to start thinking of some changes. Why not reach out to the FutureSpace team today, and take your productivity to new levels with a workspace redesign that will foster the very best working environment- and first impressions- possible?