Does loving where you work really make a difference? The experts say YES!

Does office decor really count? Does a creative working space really impact company results? The experts suggest they do- so, naturally, FutureSpace is taking a further look at the matter today, with all the facts you need to know ready at hand.

The Happiness Factor

Happy staff work better. It’s been proven over and over again. Not only do they work harder, but there’s also incentive to work smarter too… and therein lies the key to survival for any modern business. Plus their satisfaction translates itself in turn to your clients. Customer service interactions go more smoothly, staff have more incentive to promote the business, and everyone wins.

Additionally, a little thought to promoting health and wellness can go far. In the working space, this can initially seem like an irrelevant investment for a company. After all, is your staff’s wellness not their own duty? Yet chronic injuries from poor working environments are responsible for up to 33% of sick days used in a year, and they take a frightening number of workers out of their jobs annually too. The cost to U.S industries (and S.A is not far behind) for ergonomic, over-use and work-related injuries has been estimated at a staggering $15- $20 billion a year. With those figures in mind, you can see why a healthy workplace matters too!

While ‘healthy’ can be an easier matter to asses, what does ‘happy staff’ really mean, though? You can’t please everyone all the time, of course! And a workspace should always be geared towards work, not encouraging folks to relax and slack off. So what is actually important in creating a positive working environment for your staff?

Creating a fantastic working environment

No one likes to be a cog in a machine. The simplest things can contribute here- flexible working hours, or the ability to work remotely. Clear demonstrations of workplace health and safety. A responsive, interested middle management and HR hierarchy that sees the person behind the job title. While some of this comes down to creating a positive, nurturing ‘workplace culture’ through the human factor, others can be environmentally driven. Consider the following:

  • Open, airy spaces and decor that promote ‘workplace wellness’ and boost mental health
  • Ergonomic furniture that keeps staff in the workplace and reduces time-out for chronic strain injuries, improves focus without encouraging relaxation, and keeps staff focused on their job, not their aches and pains.
  • Smart office design with ‘quiet spaces’ where people can concentrate, balanced with collaborative spaces for creative flow.
  • Small ‘human’ touches like a welcoming break room that encourages staff to talk and collaborate rather than seek lunch elsewhere.
  • Ready, open access to all the tools needed to get the job done: no clutching manager refusing to issue new pencils, or faltering dial-up connection preventing remote meetings from occurring.
  • Easier access to ‘healthy’ lifestyle choices: be it yoga in the workplace or a close distance to healthy lifestyle amenities or a safe walking space.

Each of these can be achieved with relatively minor tweaks to an existing space or a smart choice of hired office or collaborative space (as at FutureSpace’s innovative working spaces). Yet each can also have major ramifications for the mindset and productivity of the staff you employ.

Is it difficult to create a great working environment?

Creating a healthier, better workplace doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. In turn, you can expect to see boosted productivity, reduced costs relating to absenteeism, better staff retention and loyalty, and far happier consumers. In short, a boosted bottom line. Simply give careful consideration to these 4 key areas:

  • Workplace culture
  • Health/lifestyle and ergonomics
  • Supportive workplace practices and flow
  • Physical environments that support these goals

Not sure how to establish these changes in your own workplace environment? Then why not get a little help from an  expert team to assist you? Or ditch the hassle entirely, and let the FutureSpace team and our luxury, fully-serviced, and state-of-the-art collaborative working offices deep in the heart of the Sandton CBD help you further your company goals today. We are always here to assist you!