Do you need classy, updated conference space that’s custom molded to your needs? Then hold your next conference at Future Space, and watch your team productivity soar.

What facilities can Future Space offer me?

All Future Space conference rooms are enabled with high speed internet, working on 200MBPS fiber internet and line-of-sight back up for emergencies. Our IT support is on call 24/7, so you will never not be connected, no matter what. Our facilities are fully secure, with CCTV, access doors between important areas and locker facilities, so security need never be a worry either. Projectors and other conferencing needs, including the means to set up video conferences, are all freely available and the space can be tailored to your unique needs.

You’ll have the advantage of your own reception and concierge services, allowing for switchboard management, incoming call and reservation taking as well as a range of other services during your event.

Our conferencing and meeting rooms range from comfortable informal spaces to large presentation rooms outfitted with all the latest gadgets, so you’re sure to find a space that will meet your needs. Each room is fully serviced, so you need only concentrate on the needs of your business and not the setup.

Where is Future Space situated?

Our spacious, airy and cutting-edge work spaces are conveniently located in the heart of the Sandton CBD. With essential amenities and transportation hubs right alongside, it’s easy for anyone to find their way to our premises. Future Space want to give you the best possible platform to work towards your goals, so let us help you perform your best work.

First we reinvented working- now let us reinvent your conferencing needs. Future Space offers everything a modern business could possibly need in conferencing facilities, making it the perfect spot to host your next conference. Why not get in touch today?