A match made in heaven?


Co-working, the idea of sharing office space with other individual or small-group entrepreneurs like yourself, has seen a massive surge lately. As leaders in the industry, we at FutureSpace are perfectly placed to see the massive benefits this form of loosely communal collaborative setting can have for the smart business person who’d traditionally find themselves working all alone. Here’s just a few of the many reasons shared working can be fantastic for entrepreneurs.


1.  It caters to the newest business model perfectly


Self-employment or freelancing is a growing reality for many South Africans, and people around the world.  The ‘job for life’ at a large corporate is a dying entity. We can no longer rely on working for one firm until receiving our pension, and even those in traditional working formats are moving around to an unprecedented degree. For many entrepreneurs, however, ‘flying solo’ with their own firm means working from home, and that comes with some noted business downsides. Not only can it look unprofessional to clients and cause conflicts with time management and family, but it can also be very lonely, distracted and isolated. Yet who can afford a ‘traditional’ office all to themselves?


2.  It’s cheaper, and presents a better image


Enter the collaborative working space. Bringing all of the benefits of a ‘traditional’ office environment, with none of the downsides! You get serviced space, other minds to interact with and bounce ideas off of, and all the amenities you need to look professional at every step. All without the need for a long-term lease, deposit, and the other trappings of traditional spaces.


3.  It’s all-inclusive, and packed with ‘high end’ business needs


Your co-working space is more like an exclusive ‘club’, rented by the month and changeable to suit your upcoming needs. You can leverage a fantastic location you’d never be able to afford rent in alone, have access to a host of top-end business amenities, use services like receptionists, conference rooms, messaging services and so much more, all at one convenient monthly price. You’ll gain access to things such as:

  • A working space, be it a ‘hot desk’, reserved desk or even private office
  • High-speed internet at business quality
  • Shared tech facilities like printers, copiers and video conferencing
  • Storage space
  • A ‘break room’ and other recreational aspects
  • Conference rooms, video calling and other ‘once-off’ needs as you need them, when you need them.

In other words, all the facilities you’d expect from a top-end, large corporate- and the best thing of all is that you aren’t responsible for any of it. Building management handles cleaning, maintenance, rent and everything else. You just have your monthly fee to pay, and peace of mind.


4.  It promotes networking and a healthier working environment


Human’s don’t thrive in isolation, and neither do smart business ideas. With other like-minded entrepreneurs around you, you’ll have access to tons of networking potential, as well as smart, different perspectives on the situation to bounce ideas around with. That bookkeeper you need? The graphic expert your client wants? Chances are they’re sitting at the desk across from you! It’s a great way to build positive word-of-mouth advertising both for you and them.

Co-working can, in short, be an excellent way to set your entrepreneurial career on the fast-track to success. FutureSpace offers you the chance to harness the power of a Sandton CBD address to help boost your business profile, simplify your day, and take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level. So what are you waiting for?